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Information about Cookies

Everything you need to know

The Fuel Exhausts website uses cookies to enable the site to function properly, as without which it would be impossible for you to add items to your basket or complete your order. As a result, unlike other sites you may have seen, we don’t provide the option to opt-in or opt-out of the cookies we use. You can however disable cookies within your web browser if you’d rather not have these cookies set during your visit. More information on this can be found by visiting

The site uses 4 additional, non-essential cookies that provide us with statistical information through Google’s Analytics service. This allows us to improve our website content and features by showing us the most popular pages, products and search terms used to reach the site.

No individual can be identified by the data which is collected and these cookies will be collected unless you have disabled cookies in your browser.

Google Analytics uses the following cookies:

Cookie Name Cookie Duration Description
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Details of Google’s privacy policy can be found here.