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Winter Riding Tips

Alternative Winter Riding Tips From Fuel Exhausts

Posted in Industry Blogs

Whilst a large proportion of British bikers have long since had their machines locked up, greased up, and covered up until next spring, there’s still plenty of you out there who take a more hard core approach to biking and keep on going right through the winter.

And there’s a lot to be said for riding in the winter months too, like quieter roads, stunning bright crisp weather, and the feeling of knowing you’re one of the committed few.

If you glance at any biking mag or website, you’ll no doubt be bombarded with all the usual seasonal tips for riding safely and comfortably at this time of year; so rather than trot out all the standard stuff about layering up properly and allowing for greater stopping distances, we thought we’d offer a few more off-beat tips for getting maximum fun and minimum risk in the winter months.

So here’s our top five tips you don’t normally hear:

1. Watch the sun

In winter, it’s low in the sky and you don’t want to crest that brow at moderate speed to find yourself completely blinded by a dazzling winter sun in your eyes. It’s frightening, it’s dangerous, and plenty of riders have come to grief because of it. So while you’re riding, keep aware of where the sun is, and be ready to slow right down when it looks like you’re about to get a full frontal.

2. Keep your phone warm

This might sound like a strange one, but it’s important to remember that your phone is a potential lifeline, and there’s nothing that kills off a fully charged battery like the kind of extreme cold that wind chill creates. So don’t leave your phone in the normal outside pocket of your jacket, tuck it away right inside where there’s plenty of body heat to keep it warm and working.

3. Have more brews

You can wear all the heated gear you like, but it won’t keep you as warm as pouring a hot sweet brew down your gullet. So plan your rides to take in frequent cafes and burger vans, and use them. Warm food and drink keeps the cold away, and keeps you energised and alert.

4. Get the weather forecast

Beautiful sunny start to the day? Perfect for a ride? Ok, but check the weather forecast before you get carried away, because it can all change in a matter of a few minutes in the winter. And if there’s even the slightest chance of snow or ice any time later on, DON’T GO.

5. Wash it NOW

As soon as you get home, wash the bike, especially underneath. Tempting as it is to dive straight into that hot bath, you don’t want to give road salt a second more than necessary to get to work rotting your pride and joy. It’s astonishing how much damage salt can do, so just put up with the cold fingers for a few more minutes and get it all off.

What’s your tip?

We’d love to hear your top tips for winter too, so feel free to pop across to our Facebook Page and leave a comment.