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BMW R1300GS Aftermarket Motorcycle Exhausts

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Back in September, BMW Motorrad finally revealed their brand new R1300GS to the world.

And when we say ‘brand new’, we really mean it. It was certainly a big and bold move by BMW, leaving behind its established, class-leading, world-beating, tried, tested, and proven machine – and completely re-designing and re-engineering it from the ground up.

No timid tinkering around the edges here! No clinging onto past success or resting on their laurels. They’ve really gone all out and put their reputation on the line.

A brave move. But has it worked?

Well, it took a while for everyone to get over ‘that headlight’, and then we had every wannabe YouTuber borrowing one for a test ride and posting a ‘first ride review’; but eventually the proper press reviews started to appear – and they liked it. In fact, they liked it a lot!

Lighter, quicker, sublime handling, bristling with tech. This is clearly a bike with ‘winner’ stamped all over it, and here at Fuel Exhausts we couldn’t wait to get one into our workshop to start the process of measuring, design, testing prototypes, and finally starting full production of our range of aftermarket motorcycle exhausts for the new BMW R1300GS.

Now, we know we’re a bit biased, but we’ll just come straight out and say this anyway: this bike is an utterly gorgeous machine, but the stock exhaust really isn’t great. As is always the case with any make of bike, the exhaust is bulkier than it needs to be, it doesn’t sound as good as it could, and it’s just not pleasing on the eye.

And that’s a shame when everything else about the bike is absolutely spot on.

But don’t worry, we’ve fixed it by developing a sensational range of aftermarket exhaust designs and finishes for your new R1300GS.

The exhausts are all in our stylish oval shape with a compact and lightweight 350mm sleeve length. You can choose from any of our five different road-legal styles of end can, and opt for brushed stainless, titanium, or ceramic black finishes.

In addition to the aftermarket exhaust itself, we supply a beautifully laser-cut ‘R1300GS’ mounting bracket, and we’ve even designed the link pipe so that the OEM cover can be refitted to further enhance the overall appearance.

Sleek, stylish and pumping out that legendary Fuel Exhausts sound – we think you’re going to love your new R1300GS aftermarket exhaust just as much as the bike itself.

The BMW R1300GS used for this blog is fitted with a ceramic black oval mini Stealth exhaust along with upgraded black link pipe. You can build your perfect exhaust right now on our website.

View all the options available for your BMW R1300GS and build your exhaust here.

See images of the BMW R1300GS fitted with Fuel exhausts here.