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Repacking & Resleeving Exhausts

Repacking & Resleeving Motorcycle Exhausts

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Part of our Fuel Friday series, this video shows how we repack and resleeve our aftermarket exhaust silencers. We also give this motorcycle exhaust a bit of a refurb by media blasting the end caps and link pipe.

The video covers the following important points...

  • How to check if your aftermarket exhaust needs repacking
  • To take the exhaust silencer apart, drill out the rivets on the inlet end
  • Remove outlet end cap
  • Remove the old used exhaust packing / wadding material
  • Drill the inlet end of the exhaust
  • Remove exhaust body / sleeve
  • How we media blast the existing inlet and outlet
  • The differences between powder coating and ceramic coating
  • Mark the end caps to indicate where the existing holes are located
  • Add a silicone based sealent to the inside of the inlet end of the exhaust tube / sleeve
  • Line up and fit the internal end cap and perforated tube section inside the sleeve
  • Using stainless steel wirewool
  • Using exhaust packing material - wadding
  • Insert the wirewool and exhaust wadding into the exhaust sleeve
  • Refit the outlet end cap and line up appropriately
  • Refitting the rivet band - drill and rivet in the first hole
  • Drill all other holes and rivet in place
  • Tap down the edges of the rivet bands
  • Fit the heat resistant Fuel Exhausts foil label / badge
  • Final clean

We carry out repacking (and resleeve and refurbishing) of our own silencers in house and turn such jobs around within 3 working days. Get in touch if you want a quote -

Our packing material and repacking kits are available to purchase online here and are usually despatched within 1 working day.


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