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Treat Your Loved One This Spring

Posted in Industry Blogs

Spring is upon us once again. Lambs are frolicking in the fields, supermarket shelves are collapsing under the weight of Easter eggs, the bloody lawn needs mowing, the national stockpile of road cones is deployed to popular pinch points along the M4, M5 and M6, and the DVLA website starts to crash under the pressure of tens of thousands of bikers getting their machines taxed and ready to get back on the road now that the long depressing days of winter are finally gone.

In fact, if you listen carefully, you can actually hear the sizzling of the burger vans gearing up for the onslaught, and the screech of Mrs Miggins the village busybody complaining about all those noisy dangerous lunatics, as the official UK biking season well and truly opens for business.

And as every biker knows, as well as the chance to blow away the cobwebs and feel the buzz of the open road again, this is also the time of year when our thoughts must turn to the very important question of what particular pieces of shiny stuff we can treat our beloved bikes to this season.

Delight the senses.

A bit of eye candy perhaps? Or ear candy? The obvious answer, of course, is the one item of kit which delights both the eyes and the ears – a super sexy new aftermarket motorcycle exhaust.

So if you haven’t got one already, now is the time to join the many thousands who are already lapping up the envious admiring attention, and feeling the thrill of that throaty growl and extra power, that fitting a British made Fuel Exhaust brings to the whole biking experience. What’s the point in waiting, after all, when there’s a whole season full of extra pleasure to be had by getting it bought and fitted straight away?

It’s got to be a no-brainer. The only real decision is which particular type and style to choose; which is going to make your baby look and sound like perfection on wheels?

So many choices.

Will it be the timeless style of polished stainless steel, or the more subtle brushed finish? The mean looking satin black stainless, or the sensuous carbon? Superlative quality plain titanium or the sensational coloured titanium, which looks like it’s blistering hot even when it’s cold.

Will you go for the traditional round section, or stand out from the pack a little with the ultra-stylish oval design?

And what about the outlet? Again there are many choices to help create the perfect look for your bike. There’s the Classic angled outlet range, or the meatier looking Slash range which is increasingly popular. Or for a racier appearance, go for the big bore dual tip outlets featured on our F1R Road and Race ranges. And for the ultimate statement of exclusivity, take a long drooling look at the sensational Diablo range of aftermarket exhausts with their custom designed carbon fibre tips.

There’s a Fuel Exhaust that’s just perfect for your bike, and the best thing is you can pick and choose from so many options to build the exhaust which will make your bike look and sound the business.

Of course, you could always spend the money on a new lawnmower instead. Just think of all the fun you could have with that…