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Carbon Fibre Exhausts

Fuel Exhaust Finishes - Carbon Fibre

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All our exhausts are manufactured in house at our workshop in Kendal, Cumbria. We are aware that many customers carry out indepth research before committing to buying an aftermarket exhaust and hope these blogs are useful to you when making your decision.

We have a variety of different exhaust silencer body options and this blog will cover the details of CARBON FIBRE. Read on to learn more...

We use genuine carbon fibre parts which are manufactured by a well established UK based company, specialising in the production of such products. Using our moulds, they produce carbon fibre tubes (and end caps) for our motorcycle exhausts, to our specific design requirements.

There are a few different ways of manufacturing carbon fibre and also alternative weaves. Our exhaust silencer bodies use a 3k 4x4 twill weave, prepreg carbon fibre cloth which is tape wrapped. Using a 2x2 weave on the inside and a 4x4 weave on the outside thus giving extra strength to the carbon part.

Prepreg carbon, carbon which is pre-impregnated with an epoxy resin system, is stored at freezing levels before it is cut to size and placed around a mould at room temperature. The tape wrapping process is used to put pressure on the carbon to amalgamate it whilst it is being cured in a specialist oven. All our exhaust tubes are foil lined too which provides extra protection to the carbon sleeve, prolonging the life span of the tube whilst also keeping the exhaust heat level down when the motorcycle is running.

Our carbon fibre is the same product type as used in Formula One racing and the aerospace industry. The lightest of our silencer finishes, carbon fibre exhausts weigh over 500g less than the stainless counterparts in the same spec. Although this may not sound like a massive weight saving, in comparison to the genuine OEM silencer (bike depending), it can result in a difference of up to 5kg!

Aftercare of carbon fibre is the same process as recommended for our metal body exhaust finishes...

  • Wipe over the surface using a clean cloth damped with warm soapy water and remove any road film.
  • Using another clean cloth, dab some white spirit / evaporating thinners onto the cloth and wipe over the exhaust again. Ensure you do not touch the Fuel label at any point or the colours on the logo will smear due to the chemicals in the thinners.

This is the easiest and best way to clean your exhaust.

Our carbon fibre exhaust options start from £214.99.

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