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Titanium Exhausts

Fuel Exhaust Finishes - Titanium

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We manufacture all our aftermarket motorcycle exhausts and associated parts in our purposebuilt workshop on the edge of the Lake District in Kendal, Cumbria. 

We have a variety of different exhaust silencer body options and this blog will cover the details of TITANIUM. Read on to learn more...

The titanium blanks for our exhaust silencer bodies are cut at the factory from a large sheet of 0.7mm grade 1 titanium. We always ensure the titanium blanks are supplied with polycoating on the outer side as this protects the surface from marks and scratches.

We prepare the blanks for processing, then roll and weld into tubes on our purposebuilt seam welder. You can learn more about the process involved here.

In its raw form titanium has a dull matt grey finish. In order to improve the appearance of the tube and maintain consistency, we use a fine glass bead to media blast the titanium tubes prior to building into exhausts. Bead blasting is widely used in blasting applications such as this for cosmetic finishing purposes. In this case, media blasting leaves the tube with a 'sheen' or 'satin' appearance that can be very attractive. It is not highly reflective and shiny, like a polished surface, because only a little light is reflected directly back at the viewer, but it is bright and semi-reflective, with what some observers consider a 'warmer' appearance.

Titanium is corrosion resistant and has the highest strength to density ratio of any metallic element. Titanium is lighter than other metals too; a titanium (sleeve) exhaust has a 500g weight saving over a brushed stainless (sleeve) exhaust of the same specification. Titanium material is more costly than stainless hence the difference in price for the exhaust options.

Aftercare of titanium is the same process as recommended for all our metal exhaust finishes...

  • Wipe over the surface using a clean cloth damped with warm soapy water and remove any road film.
  • Using another clean cloth, dab some white spirit / evaporating thinners onto the cloth and wipe over the exhaust again. Ensure you do not touch the Fuel label at any point or the colours on the logo will smear due to the chemicals in the thinners.

This is the easiest and best way to clean your exhaust.

Our titanium exhaust options start from £219.99.

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